What Does Your Hair Reveals About You


What Does Your Hair Reveals About You

Is your hair and your health related? Does having good hair mean you have good health?

There are many myths and facts about the link between your health and your hair. Can one have a direct affect on the other?


Brittle, dried out hair

There are many things that can cause dry hair: blow dryers, frequent coloring of the hair or putting your head in chlorine will dry out your hair in no time. But dry hair can also mean you may have an under active thyroid, also called hypothyroidism. If you are experiencing any of the other symptoms associated with this condition such as weight gain, slow heart rate and being cold most of the time, than you may have an under active thyroid.

Patches on your scalp that feel scaly and crusty

This is the sign of psoriasis, it is very different from normal dandruff and you can tell the difference immediately.

Hair loss

This unpleasant condition can be caused by numerous things such as stress both physical and emotional, it also can be caused by a high fever and or other infections in the body. Also many medications can cause hair loss, a hormonal imbalance in your body are just to name a few of many causes for this condition.

A sudden change in our hormone levels can cause us to lose hair and sometimes these extreme changes may appear to be permanent.

Hair Breakage

Dry hair can be caused by these medical conditions: Cushing’s syndrome and hypoparathyroidism both of which will the hair brittle and fragile and can be broken very easily.

Yellow color flakes on the hair and scalp

These scaly patches appear on the oiliest part of the scalp and is a chronic inflammatory condition of the scalp. At first glance they appear to be dandruff, then when taking a close look you can see the difference.