Walking Off The Pounds


Walking Off The Pounds

The two things that always go hand in hand are diet and exercise. Diet alone may help you lose weight but in order to keep the extra weight off you need to exercise. Exercising on a regular basis has many benefits, benefits such as: better sleep, improving your mood and better immune system.


The trick is really simple actually, it all come down to burning more calories than you take it! Easier said than done. Some diets have people believing that if they cut out carbs or eat specific foods and specific times the pounds will magically drop off, this is not true and if someone truly wants to lose the weight they have to reduce their calorie intake and increase the calories that they burn throughout the day. This can be done through increasing ones physical activity.

To get started it’s best to have a goal in mind, then using the equation you have to have a good action plan. Remember to include your doctor, family and friends for the much needed guidance and support and be prepared to handle any situation you might encounter in this journey.

For some who have extreme weight problems that might cause health complications down the road, I strongly suggest for them to consult with their physician and see what alternative solutions are out there. For some weight loss medication and or surgery is an option provided by their doctor. In all life changing circumstances commitment is key.

When dieting and wanting to lose weight we must focus on physical activity. Only when we are active our bodies uses energy and burns more calories, thus resulting and a more rapid weight loss.

Just being a little more active each day will help you better incorporate physical activity in your daily routine. This means even getting more active around the house like cleaning and doing chores will help you burn more calories.

Professional trainers and physicians recommend at least 30 minutes per day of some sort of physical activity to keep the pounds off.

Regular physical activity is beneficial for a number of things, just to name a few: Muscle and joint health, healthy bones, better sleep, improves cholesterol levels and blood pressure, heart health and of course weight loss.

It’s important to see your physician and consult with him before any major diet and exercise changes.

Disclaimer: This article is for informative purposes and shouldn’t be considered as medical advice.