How Wine Affects Your Face


Wine Face:

wine face

Symptoms include lines and wrinkles, reddening of the cheeks or nose, droopy eyelids, and enlarged pores.

Drinking too much wine, or any alcohol for that matter can greatly affect the facial skin. Alcohol is dehydrating; it causes the kidney’s to work harder to remove excess water through urination, instead of sending it to your organs. Since your skin is the largest organ, it can become very dehydrated.

When skin is dry, it’s more likely to become wrinkles, and you appear much older than you are. Alcohol can also rob your body cell renewing vitamin A and can lead to a dull, gray skin tone.

You don’t have to quit alcohol completely, although it wouldn’t hurt, but cutting back is important. It’s been said that a small amount of red wine can actually be good for your health, so moderation is key!

It’s important to watch what you eat or drink if you are worried about the appearance of your skin. Simply cutting these four things may be the key to smooth, supple, blemish free skin, not to mention good health. That’s worth kicking donuts and cheese to the curb!