Things to Avoid While Dieting


Things to Avoid While Dieting

In current era obesity rate is quite high as compared to the last couple of centuries. This is because of our unhealthy lifestyle. Eating a lot of dirty calories, excessive drinking, minimal physical activity are the main reasons why we are so unhealthy and out of shape.


One of the most common fitness targets for people is to lose extra weight. The Sad thing is many people do it wrong. Fat loss diet is not a very complicated thing. All you’ve to do is to follow some fundamental rules.

Do not starve!


One of the most common and dumbest mistake people make when they are dieting, they starve. This is not very healthy practice.

The only thing which you’ll lose by starving is your muscle mass and water, Lil bit of fat too but that’s not worth it. It is true that one of the best ways to lose weight is to take calorie deficit diet. But big mistake people do here is that they decrease their calorie intake too much, near starving. 
The whole concept is to decline your calorie consumption week by week. If you on normal days take 2500kcal cut it down to 2100 kcal. After one week takes it to 1800 kcal, then 1500kcal then 1400kcal etc.
Don’t go below 1200-1300 kcal.

When we are on calorie deficit diet our body doesn’t get enough nutrition. To get recommended amount of them, you need to diverse your food sources and try to add fruits and vegetables. There are a lot of amazing benefits of fruits. Fruits also help you to lose fat and give you maximum nutritional value.

“The real goal is to lose weight in a healthy way.”

Balanced diet 


People with weight loss target usually avoid carbs and kick fats out of their diet. This is not right and not healthy of course. Try to stick with a balanced diet and consume all three macros including carbohydrates, protein, and even fats. 
Your body needs carbs to do work. If you don’t consume enough carbs to power your body, it’ll not work properly.

For me 40% proteins, 40% carbs, and 20% fats are ideal.
You must be wondering how you’ll lose weight by eating 20% of fats and 40%carbs. This is a myth I’m trying to break. Eating balanced diet is more result orienting than other crazy crap.
Eating healthy fats like fish oil capsule will not hurt you.

“Eat clean, eat naturally.”

Don’t compromise on water

Bodybuilders usually left water and salt before competitions. Which will make their skin thinner and they look more shredded? 
I’m not gonna comment on them as this is their profession. But I’m gonna scold you if you do this kind of stupid thing.

I personally know a guy who left the water and only drinks 1-2 glass of water a day or even less. Because he thought that this will help him to cut down fat. After four days he went faint and unconscious. He had been hospitalized where the doctor put him on drips.

Leaving water will make your face dull. The entire glow will vanish. Its useless to be shredded by risking your health. 
Drink at least 8 glass of water daily. 
Here is the example schedule by which you can drink 8 glass of water easily:

  • Drink 1 glass after waking up
  • 1 glass before breaks fast
  • Drink 2 glass in between breakfast and lunch
  • Before lunch
  • After 1-2 hours of lunch
  • Before dinner
  • Before bed