6 Negative-Calorie Foods To Help You Lose Weight


Peppers- A study conducted in 2010 and published in the Journal of Proteome Research concluded that the property named capsaicin, found in all hot peppers, aroused specific proteins that emulsify fats, while slowing the process of the proteins that bind fat molecules together. Half a cup of hot peppers (jalapeƱos, habaneros, Thai, for example) is a mere 30 calories per serving. Crushed peppers, added to a salad, or eaten alone, can bring on a punch of extra calorie burning power while deliciously flavoring your meals.



Pumpkin- At around 35 calories per cup, pumpkin is a rich, thick and malleable food that packs in potassium, copper, A, C, and E vitamins. Easy to eat, it is fibrous enough to digest slowly, filling you up while still working through your system at a very low caloric rate.

Enjoy all kinds of foods, and keep these diet helpers handy. A few food swaps can help to make a difference in your weight loss goals.