6 Negative-Calorie Foods To Help You Lose Weight


Arugula- According to the American Dietetic Association’s Complete Food and Nutrition Guide (fourth edition), Arugula offers is a great leafy green that packs Vitamins A, C and K plus potassium. It is fibrous enough to require more energy to digest. It is also crispy and light enough to enjoy in different meals. Peppery and fresh, this relative of spinach adds flavor to soups, salads and casseroles at a mere 4 calories per cup.



Celery- Known for its thick volume, fibrous consistency and very low calorie content (around 20 calories per cup), celery is the plant most famously linked to negative calorie food lists do to the effort the body requires to digest it. It is filling, versatile enough to add to any meal, and it also has a high water content that contributes to hydration. Vitamins A, C, and folate are additional benefits from this awesome vegetable.