5 Best Herbs To Balance And Regulate Female Hormones


5 Best Herbs To Balance And Regulate Female Hormones

Women, we’re reminded every month of how bad our menstrual cycles can be as we have to deal with bloating, acne, mood swings, hormonal imbalance, and other biological factors. What if there were an intelligent way to deal with these negative factors without having to visit a doctor or purchase expensive medication? There are naturally occurring herbs that can provide a plethora of benefits while keeping our body healthy and balance our hormones. Located below are 5 supplements that will work internally to alleviate and numb the symptoms often associated with an irregular menstrual cycle.

Balance And Regulate Female Hormones

Red Raspberry Leaf

Red Raspberry Leaf has been shown to help normalize the blood flow during a woman’s menstrual cycle and help fight against certain symptoms. The way that this herb works is by creating a toned uterus in which to facilitate a normal cycle with regulated blood flow. The Uterus, like the other areas of the body, operates more efficiently when it’s balanced and operating at optimal levels. By creating this healthy internal balance, we can experience less pain and discomfort during that time of the month! Also, this regulates our hormone levels and prevent them from going awry during our cycle.

Women that find it hard to consume this herb can try placing the leaves inside of a tea in order to create a tasteful drink that can be consumed regularly.


Maca has been linked to increased fertility and reproductive health in both men and women when consumed on a regular basis. When a woman increases her overall fertility and reproductive health, she will alleviate certain symptoms like irregular blood flow and impurities of the menstrual cycle.

Many women have turned to Maca as a safe and natural alternative to prescription fertility medications and injections prescribed by the doctor. These artificial hormones can lead to side effects such as depression, anxiety, hormone irregularities, and creates an unnatural ecosystem inside of the reproductive organs.

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Women that wish to consume Maca powder can place the herb inside of their favorite drink, a glass of water, or an exercise shake after a workout. Consuming Maca on a regular basis will help women dampen the negative aspects of their menstrual cycle and balance hormone production.

Chaste Tree Berry

This menstrual supplement grows naturally within the areas of Greece and Italy and has been shown to help with fertility and menstrual cycle issues. Consuming this herb will help the Pituitary Gland-the gland responsible for hormone production and regulation throughout the body operate more efficiently and produce the hormones in a regulated pattern.

Women have also found that taking Chaste Tree Berry after an extensive cycle of birth control helps with the negative aspects of the drug and stabilizes their hormones.


Oatstraw is commonly called the “feel good” herb as it has been shown to lower anxiety, reduce stress, balance the nervous system, and create an elevated mood in the user. Similarly, women can use this organic product in order to create regularity and balance in their hormonal patterns.

The anti-inflammatory nutrients inside of the herb heal and soothe the reproductive organs and helps facilitate optimal blood flow during that time of the month. Moreover, Oatstraw has naturally occurring diuretic properties that remove excessive water retention in the body and diminishes the infamous ‘bloating’ during the PMS cycle.

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is a herb that has over 2,000 years of documented use with detoxification properties. In laymen’s terms, the menstrual cycle can be likened to that of the female system expunging old cells in order to make room for new cells that support fertilization and reproductive regularity. Keeping this point in mind, Milk Thistle works in unison with the body in order to decrease toxins and free radicals that can harm the reproductive system and cause hormonal imbalance.