20 Little Ways to Shed One Pound Fast


20 Little Ways to Shed One Pound Fast

Most of us would like to lose a little extra weight and the first pound is always the easiest. There are so many ways to get that first pound out of the way. Whether it’s eating right, exercising or simply a lifestyle change, there are many ways to lose that first pound. Below are 20 ways to burn those 3,000 calories.

20 Little Ways to Shed One Pound Fast

1. Run Two Miles Every Morning for a Week

Without changing anything else, you can lose a pound in a weeks simply by running a couple miles in the morning.

2. Switch Steak and Burgers for Salads in 10 Meals

Salads are substantially less calories than meat products and will enhance overall health.

3. Eliminate Carbohydrates for One Week

Carbohydrates are harder to digest for your body and are more likely to become fat.

4. Cut Dinner to a Light Snack for One Week

Dinner is more likely to become fat than breakfast due to sleep patterns.

5. Participate in an Aerobics Class 6 Times Over Two Weeks

Active movement burns calories and increases metabolism.

6. Reduce Overall Calories by 400 – 500 per day for a Week

Simply eating less is the quickest way to lose weight.

7. Reduce the Amount That You Eat Out to Once a Week

Home meals are generally healthier or at least contain less calories than eating out.

8. Insert Small Workouts into Your Daily Routine

Try a set of 50 sit-ups in the morning and 20 push-ups in the evening. Take 10 more minutes during your lunch break to do something active.

9. Sleep More

Sleeping well has been shown to fight diabetes and increase metabolism.

10. Stop Smoking

Smoking reduces metabolism and prevents healthy functioning or organs to digest food and reduce fat.

11. Walk Up Stairs

If your office or apartment is on the 4th floor, walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

12. Reduce Drinking

Alcoholic beverages are much more fattening than other drinks.

13. Try Yoga

Yoga reduces stress and helps make the body more limber. It can also increase metabolism.

14. Eat Smaller Portions

Order smaller portions at restaurants and don’t ever supersize a meal.

15. Forget Late Night Snacks

Late night snacks are terrible for weight.

16. Walk the Dog More

Walking the dog gets you out of the house and exercising.

17. Try Yogurt or Tofu

Yogurt and Tofu are very filling but have few calories.

18. Replace mashed potatoes for celery

Replace your heavy side dishes with lighter options like celery and cauliflower.

19. Drink Water

Drinking more water helps to increase metabolism, 7 cups a day is ideal.

20. Switch Fruit for Dessert

Fruit is much fewer calories.

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