10 Early Signs of Liver Problems


10 Early Signs of Liver Problems

Some might say that this is the most important organ in the body. Our bodies won’t function without it and is a vital organ for our existence. What this organ does in the body is that it breaks down the food we consume and aids the digestion process and many other important bodily function. This is why we should pay close attention to its well being and watch out for any signs of problems:


1. Skin signs

A very important sign to watch out for is the change in the coloring of our skin. If you can spot changes in your skin like yellowing of the skin or discoloration of your fingernail tips this means that its not functioning at its optimum level.

2. Abdominal issues

This organ is located next to the rib cage, when the liver starts having problems you’ll feel a pain in your abdomen and ribs .


3. Feeling bloated and gassy

If you are feeling pressure and have a more than usual gassy and bloating sensation this could be a serious indicator that your liver is acting up.

4. Feeling Tired

The Liver breaks down the food and releases the energy into the body, if the liver is not functioning correctly than we are not getting the energy required to fuel our bodies for the day.

5. Urine color

If your suddenly noticing a change in the color of your urine and it appears to be darker than usual and your fluid intake has not changed. This is a sign of liver complications.

6. Feeling Itchy

If your feeling itchier than normal and this sensation worsens with time, this is a definite red flag.

7. Feeling Nauseated

Feeling nauseas, even after changing your diet. If you still can’t shed this sensation. Than you must get a check up, it could be your liver.

8. Extreme weight loss

Unintentional weight loss and severe loss of appetite are symptoms of liver damage.

9. Retaining water

If you are experiencing fluid retention and bloating in your feet, and if for no good reason your feet are swelling up than your body is trying to tell you something. Most likely these are the signs of a weak liver, we must always pay close attention to what our bodies are trying to say to us.


10. Changes in you Stool

Now and then it’s important to take a look at your stool, if you are experiencing severe constipation and find any traces of blood you must seek a physicians help immediately.